Our all-inclusive pack includes various services in construction, be it the concreting of foundations, installation of water and electricity, painting of facades, the insulation, assembly of windows and floors and other necessary activities during the construction.


Our company provides all electrical installation work required for the construction of new buildings or reconstructions.

Our electrotechnicians have the following Certificates:

§21 Electrician

  • has an education in electrical engineering
  • only carries out the activity within the framework of its certificate

§22 Independent electrician

  • Management for an unlimited number of employees with the §20 and two employees with the §21
  • Work experience: up to 1000V 1 year / above 1000V 2 years

§ 23 Electrician for activities management or operation control

  • Management of an unlimited number of employees with the §20, 21, 22
  • Work experience: up to 1000V 3 years / above 1000V 4 years

§ 24 Revision technician

  • 24/1 – specialist in the planning or construction of special electrical devices
  • 24/2 – Specialist in conducting professional tests and inspections of special electrical equipment
  • manages the business according to the certificate of professional competence
  • Work experience: up to 1000V 4 years / above 1000V 5 years

Cleaning service

Last but not least, we also provide cleaning services. Most of the time we clean newly built objects. However, we also offer cleaning of company premises, offices, or hotel areas.

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